Her Grateful Clients Call Her Their Angel
People are raving about psychic readings by gifted, evolved and accurate world renowned Oakland County, MI USA Master Spiritualist style psychic medium Sherrie. This brilliantly talented lady has studied in the Spiritualist Church & Kabbalah Centre in California. Her abilities have been passed down through 8 generations. Give Sherrie Ellen a call if you need clarity on your path. Also available for private reading in person and by phone, Michigan corporate events and Toledo psychic parties. This amazing woman will shock you with the universal truths she will pass along to you. This genuine clairvoyant and empath is well known as the Empress of the Michigan psychics social scene. Since Sherrie Ellen has decided to come out to the public with her abilities, her name has been rapidly circling the globe. Her individual clientele have turned into whole families whom devote their loyalty and trust to her. Sherrie Ellen has become their spiritual life coach, and favorite love psychic who also gives advice on every topic.

  We are having Mini Oakland County, Michigan Psychic Fairs at Sherrie Ellen's Psychic Reading Room

Sacred Reading Room                                            The Secret Garden

We are taking reservations now! 
By appointment only please.

The Traveling Psychics entertain by presenting elegant interpretations of their enchanting psychic readings at events all over Michigan for swanky venues, including in exciting professional and college towns.The spiritual woman who is the the creator of this captivating Michigan psychic entertainment company developed a brilliant model, and is a pioneer in the field of this unique entertainment world. Upon request we provide John Edwards and John Holland style gallery type readings for crowds.They are the first choice by schools and corporations because light seekers know who to call when their aim is to impress. Call career coach and psychic adviser Sherrie Ellen for a reservation.

We are reliable because we show up!

Our elite group would love to come to your baby shower, wedding, bachelortte party, barmitzva,
graduation, Halloween party, Summer Barbecue, and help you boost the zing in your day.
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Open Seven Days A Week, Including Holidays & Sunday
Blessed with gifts at birth. Evolved at 8 years old.
Abilities descended down through-out eight generations.

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​Phone Readings With Sherrie Ellen
World renowned Master Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen has been called many things such as a contemporary modern day living sage, and prophet. This highly developed spiritual lady has evolved with her abilities of prophecy at the tender age of eight years old. She was deliberately manifested into the physical to bring you divine guidance from the spirit world. Detroit psychic medium Sherrie Ellen who lives in in Commerce Township of Oakland County was gifted and burdened with her abilities at birth. This is her birthright! From the moment that Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen was born the angels, archangels, spirit guides, and other divinely advanced entities from the spirit world have surrounded her with their uninterrupted love, guidance and protection. Her beloved and kind hearted European born grandparents who were practitioners of  the secretive Kabbalah prepared her to use these entrusted abilities that have been passed on throughout generations of her ancestry. Sherrie Ellen has also studied as a student in the Spiritualist Church for over 18 years. 

Treasured Psychic Adviser To The Elite
Within a short time span after coming out to the public this mystically inclined clairvoyant has become known to the elite as the paranormal royalty of the Michigan psychics due to her humbleness, accuracy, and honest devotion to her life’s work and practice as a clear channel and a right hand of god himself. Sherrie Ellen is president and founder of her treasured company, “The Traveling Psychics”. If you are living in a state of confusion, fear or just feel lost call this this exclusive visionary for an inspirational and spirit freeing psychic reading. Sherrie will shed light on your confusions, especially where you feel consumed by the darkness that you feel surrounding you. She and all the loving highly evolved celestial beings that assist her will leave you in a state of divine inspiration, and feeling hopeful. This masterfully enlightened empathic has unmeasurable, psychic powers which has absolutely no boundary. This lady is cherished as the most profound love psychic in the United States of America, and Ontario Canada.  She reads for people from all walks of life, all over the world. You can trust that all her readings are strictly confidential. Her unsurpassable skills have crossed many nations. Your secrets will never leave her lips. Since the globally prominent, Famous Psychic and wealthy can trust her, then you can too! The rich and famous find her to be a noble expert counselor that they can rely on.

The Traveling Famous Psychics in Michigan
The Sacred Psychic  Reading Room
The Secret Psychic Garden Reading
www.mipsychics.com/Queen Of The Michigan Psychics, Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen is proud to announce her new pack member Lord Jaks. Breeder is Judy Russell of Davisburg, Michigan.
Lord Jaks lives in Commerce Township with his Master.
The Traveling Famous Oakland County Psychics in Michigan

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The Traveling Psychic's is a very voguish Metro Detroit psychic entertainment company that is located in Oakland County, Michigan. We provide the best psychics in the Southeast and Southwest regions of Michigan, psychic medium, clairvoyant, tarot card reader, past life regression hypnotist trained by the famous pioneer in the field Dr. Brain Weiss, palm reader, seasoned intuitive astrologer, spirit artist, light workers and handwriting analysis expert in the country for fun social gatherings, school celebrations and very posh corporate events. If you are looking for a captivating fortune teller then we want you to know that our spiritualist style readers are real. Everyone that you meet out of our charming group has unique mystical talents that has been tested by Sherrie Ellen. Invite an exciting psychic to your home town. 

The Traveling Psychics

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