World renowned Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen whom is known to be surrounded by the most powerful angels anointed by god has evolved with her gifts of prophecy at the young age of eight years old is here to bring you inspirational messages from the spirit world. Sherrie was gifted at birth and groomed by her White Russian grandmother with these abilities that have been passed on throughout eight family generations. Throughout the years she has become known as the madam of the Michigan psychics. Sherrie Ellen is President and founder of The Traveling Psychics. If you are confused, fearful or lost call Sherrie Ellen for an inspirational instructions on your life purpose. Sherrie will lighten your path where you feel the darkness surrounding you. She will leave you inspired and hopeful. Sherrie Ellen reads for people from all walks of life, all over the world. You can trust that all her readings are strictly confidential. Your secrets are her secrets. What many ordinary people do not realize is that Sherrie Ellen is a expert distinguished fortune group business coach. If the famous and wealthy trust her then you can too!

♥ (¯`'•.¸//(*_*)\\¸.•'´¯) ♥

The best way to find a professional Michigan psychic reader in Metro Detroit, Macomb and Oakland County area is to call the reputable guidance advocate  and life coach Sherrie Ellen because she can recommend to you the very best psychics in Michigan. Each mystic, psychic mediumtarot card readerpalm reader and intuitive is tested by this incredibly talented clairvoyant and Spiritualist style telepathic Sherrie Ellen. We want you to understand that she even regularly monitors each well-established entertainer by asking for feedback from the clients that she refers them out to. This lady is so particular that she has to make sure that everyone is on top of their game and that all channels are clear as a whistle. We are not actually fortune tellers. We are authentic light workers.

The only thing that this living prophet has chosen to put in the back burner is the paranormal investigation and clearing of haunted homes, hotels and other structure’s. Right now she is referring this honorable duty to another one of her associates. He is a lovely man who Sherrie Ellen puts her total trust in to periodically clear and purify her own chakras and energy fields. She rather spend quality time focused on her passion as a pet psychic putting her accurate predictions to work reading at animal charities, and fund raisers. Sherrie Ellen is first class all the way. This means that she is and will only bring you the most accurate and reputable talent that is available. The Master has turned down a television series because she felt that it would make a mockery of her spiritual practice. They told her that they could make her the next Theresa Caputo!

Call Master Sherrie Ellen for a consultation. This humble spiritual counselor is able to tap into your energy field, and pull out available information from your spirit guides, archangels, angels and other helpful celestial beings to help motivate and guide you on your earthly journey. She has helped many grieving people find closure after their loved ones have passed over to the other side. Sherrie Ellen has a vast amount of paranormal knowledge that has been passed down through-out generations that has helped many of her clients all over the USA and Europe. Many famous celebrities say that they find the vibrations from the energy alone of Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen of The Traveling Psychics to be very healing.

We also have Duet Psychic Readings available where you can be in a room with 2 psychic readers at the same time. Master Sherrie Ellen will bring in her top tarot card reader and they will both channel information for you.


Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen is a Reiki Practitioner. She can clear your energy fields and balance your chakra's. Sherrie Ellen acts as a conduit to channel energy into her clients body to open up and clear their energy centers.

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