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Spiritually evolved Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen, has read for royal families, elected government officials, published authors, corporate executives, scientists, stars of the big screen, award winning musicians, singers, and people from all walks of life.  Her messages leave her clients with a sense of peace, love and a eagerness to move forward on their earthly journey. She is also a clairvoyant, clairaudient and a spiritual medium. Many say that Sherrie Ellen's accuracy is overwhelming!

Let the best of the Michigan psychics enlighten your day!

Michigan Psychics Empress Psychic Sherrie Ellen

The infectiously enchanting wisdom of the best Michigan psychics Empress Sherrie Ellen is an experience not to be forgotten. This grand Oakland County prophet appears to have hard to explain abilities that have been blessed upon her at birth and driven down eight generations of her family tree. She has come down from a lineage of spiritual elitism.

Surprize flowers from a new client

June 1,  2021

One of my sweet new clients from Grand Blanc, MI that I read for today whom is also a very talented psychic and medium herself surprised me today with these breathtaking flowers. This made my day, and took me totally by surprise. I ended up asking this gorgeous woman to join The Traveling Psychics. That’s how good she is. After I finished reading for her, she ended up reading for me. My reading turned into a interview.

​Another Stunning bouquet of flowers for Sherrie from a new client.
June 1, 2021

This beautiful note came in a bouquet of flowers that one of my clients sent me. 

​                                                                                                 June 1, 2021                                                                                                                               

​The flower arrangement sitting outside on my swing I meditate on.


March  31,, 2021 Jenna from Milford, Michigan surprised  Sherrie​

(Sherrie Ellen is back & taking reservations for events and readings)

​                                                                                            July 5, 2021

Thank you. By the way, I'm tipping you $50.00 because thanks to you, the pain in my left hand has really diminished!

                                                Love, Dave

                                                                                 June 1, 2021

Texted to Sherrie and shared with the permission of DeTria.


During my reading back in March, one of the things that you said is that my both my Mother and my Sister came through from the other side, and said that I should get a job at a DNA company. Well, it happened!!!! I landed a job as a Genealogist with Ancestry.com. I'm moving to Salt Lake City to take the job in June. Thanks for doing the mediumship during that reading.

continued below.

Detria wrote on Facebook what's shared below.

​My twin sister died in March 2021. Two weeks after her passing, I had a reading with Sherrie that included Mediumship so that I could connect with my sister. During the reading, Sherrie stated that my Mother and Sister were both telling me to get a job with a DNA company. I interpreted that statement as my family simply acknowledging my love for all things Genealogy; not to actually go get a job. Well it happened!!! I've landed a Genealogist position with the company Ancestry!!! I start my new job on June 28th, 2021. Thank you Sherrie for connecting me to my mother and twin sister.

DeTria Taylor,  from Los Angelo's, California

                                                                                   July 13, 2020

Sherrie Ellen's accuracy is amazing! I asked her when the plumber is showing up at my apartment. She said (10:30am) and he knocked at my door at 10:50am!)

David H from Hawaii

                                                                                July 4, 2020

Sherrie Ellen, You really are an “Intuitive Executive” ( executive because you collect & decipher, & analyze hard data including ‘emotional’ intellect to arrive at options) just awesome!!! I appreciate you! Please be safe! Thank you 

Shaz, Washtenaw County, Michigan

                                                                              June 21, 2020

I had a very accurate phone reading from Sherri in the comfort of my own home. I even asked her a couple things i already knew the answer to and She has a very fine tuned and sensitive talent.Answers were 100% on the character and intentions of those people I asked her about. I recommend her highly.

Karen Fick, Westland, Michigan

                                                                           March 11, 2020

Sherrie, I've been thinking about you a lot lately with this Coronavirus and Stock Market stuff. I just kept remembering that you said a year or so ago that housing prices would dip and can't help but think this might be the reason. Scary stuff though. We are unable to get anymore masks at my work (Dental office) and once their gone I'm not sure what we're going to do. I have to imagine the Hospitals are having the same issues too. 

Also thanks again for the Kabbalah book, I've been looking at it little by little almost every day and it has seemed somewhat calming :)

Kristen from Waterford, Michigan

                                                                              January 1, 2020

New Years Eve Party

Happy New Year Miss Sherrie. Our readings were terrific! Everyone loved the readings and found them to be interesting and spot on. Had a wonderful night. Thank you for everything 😀--

Cindy H from Commerce Twp, MI

                                                                   ​December 26, 2019

Sherrie gave me a very important psychic reading that I really needed at the time. It was crucial to my life and my sanity. It came as a relief to my heart and soul so that I can move on in my normal life. Thank you Sherrie. Also, I wanted to know if my pet could travel with me to my destination and Sherrie said yes and I cried endlessly. Again Sherrie, thank you so very much.

Laureen Mathisen from Honolulu, Hawaii, &
Lake Orion, Michigan​

                                                                                 November 11, 2019

The reading was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!!

Brianna, Plymouth, Michigan

                                                                       November 3, 2019​

Dearest Sherrie

Thank you very much for the wonderful reading. After hanging up with you I felt a serge of positive energy. You gave me clarity and a feeling of hope that seemed to have slipped away from me after I lost my beloved Mark. You were right about the leak and the location of the lost keys and so many other things that you told me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  Jade Houston, Detroit Michigan

                                                                           October 26, 2019

Your new gal was fantastic. She was the hit of the party!

Melissa and Bill, Pontiac, Michigan Halloween Gala

                                                                         October 19, 2019

A great experience. Professional and punctual. Would defiantly hire again !

 Joshua from Lathrup Village, Michigan

                                                                            October, 1 ,2019

Hi, it’s colleen, I just hired you for two readings recently. Wow you are accurate. Thank you so much.

Colleen​, from Rochester Hills, Michigan

                                                                       September, 12, 2019

Hi Sherri!, I came to you twice last year for readings and you were very helpful. My best friend is facing some difficult choices so I would like to book a 60 minute in person psychic reading with you as a birthday gift.

Thanks for your time, Cassandra from Farmington, Michigan

                                                                         September 11. 2019

This was my first psychic/medium reading ever, and it was incredible. Sherrie was very kind and friendly. I came in partially skeptical, but within 5 minutes she already proved that it was legit. Both her and her other reader, Bella, gave extremely accurate readings and it gave me the closure that I have been searching for for years. I can not thank Sherrie enough for bringing me to my loved ones. She is absolutely amazing and I have no doubt that I will be coming back. 100% worth it.

Emily for Oakland County

                                                                            September 4, 2019

My reading with Sherrie and her Psychic Medium was so amazing and uplifting. It provided me some comfort and validation that my loved one was still around me and in a safe place. I was a skeptic who has tried multiple Psychics who claim that they can help, but this was the first time it felt real and genuine and with so much detail. Hope to have another reading soon!

- Jason from Oakland County, MI

                                                                                        June 13, 2019

​Thank you! and your guides was right on the money (I finally looked)
and I have told the real estate manager to get a plumber for me.

Love, Charles, from Maui, Hawaii

                                                                           May 28, 2019​

Thank you!, I bless the day we met.

Love, Dave​ from Scottsdale,Arizona

                                                                                     April 9, 2019

I am so happy, and lucky that I found you. I was really lost at the beginning, and you helped me with so many things. I can’t say thank you enough times.

Veronika from Madison Heights, Michigan

                                                                                       January 8. 2019

Sherrie, Thank you so very much for the soulful reading. I am still shocked by your accuracy, and how everything actually unfolded step by step as you told me it would in the last reading. My life is so much brighter now that I have your guidance in my life. 

Sylvia from Dearborn, Michigan

                                                                           December 26. 2018

Good afternoon Sherrie, hope all is well. I am giving your email address to my girlfriend Michelle, she would like a reading. You performed a reading for me on July 20th, you told me that I was going to start dating someone soon and I met that someone August 3. I adore her already....You also told me that there was going to be a male that I would adore and enjoy being close to and that he was always around us. Michelle has a son he’s 3 years old now.

​J.S. from Fairfield, New Jersey

                                                                                November 5, 2018​
Sherrie Ellen, 

Thank you.  What a blessing you are!

Love, Dave from Maui

                                                                              October 25, 2018​

Thanks so much for coming out tonight! Everyone had a great time and loved getting readings! It was also nice to finally meet you in person, since I always only have had phone readings with you because of my schedule. It was nice putting a face with a name. You’re so pretty! I was honored to have you over and read fat my party, with how busy are. Let me know when we can schedule a time to do mine :). 

Have a good night, Laura from Commerce Twp

                                                                                   October 24, 2018​

Thank you so much again for coming to our house Saturday, oct 13th... you were the hit of the party!! Everyone enjoyed it!

Kaitlin Wells from Farmington Hlls, Michigan

                                                                                  August 20, 2018

​You are so right! He just text me that he wanted see me right away, but he is busy, so we plan Sept, that he will fly me over to Naples Florida. I am excited, hope it will work out! You mentioned Texas on Saturday, and I found out that he does have a investment property in Texas. You are really good!!

Cherry from Sterling Heights, Michigan

                                                                                    July 26, 2018

Hi Sherrie, During out last reading session you warned me that my husband put a GPS tracking advice under my car. I am totally shocked because you were right. And if you did not alert me in the reading I never would have looked for it. And I confronted him about it too. He had no remorse.

Constance from Rochester Hills, Michigan

                                                                                 June, 28, 2018
Good morning Sherrie,

I just wanted you to know that so far, your reading has been dead on. Thank you so much for warming me not to give him the keys to my home. You said you had a bad feeling and it proved to be true. Thank you so much. 

Monesha from Detroit

                                                                                  June 18, 2018​

Good morning Sherrie Ellen. Thank you for a great mediumship session. I needed that as part of my healing process.​

John from Imlay City, Michigan​

                                                                                        May 2, 2018

​I keep telling my girlfriend that I want to visit you again, and anytime I speak about it I seem to have a dream about visiting you. The second dream was pretty intense, you were right in front of me and your eyes were white and you had lightning coming out of your fingertips. And you told me all the things in our session that actually did come true. So for me, it kind of seems like a sign. I really did enjoy the session, and look forward to the next one.

Carolyn from Walled Lake, Michigan

                                                                                           April 7, 2018

​I meet Sherrie Ellen about six months ago when I was in the darkest place that I could ever have imagined being in. I just lost my soul mate of 32 years eight months prior. His death was sudden. It was a massive heart attack at work. He died in the ambulance. My husband Bill was everything to me. I did not have a chance to say good-buy. I did not have closure. We met in high school. The first time I had a reading with Sherrie Ellen I saw her in person at her reading room. I was a wreck. She told me to relax, and not to be afraid. With in about 15 minutes through the reading, she brought in my dear Bill. He mentioned a private matter to Sherrie that know one could have possibly have known about but my beloved and I. This wonderful woman helped me have closure, and realize that Bill was still by my side. Now I get a up date reading about once a month with the master. Some times by phone and sometimes in person. I recommend her to all my friends and family. She is the greatest.

  Katheran  from Pebble Beach, California

                                                                                            March 9, 2018
Hi Sherrie,

I wanted to thank you for a great reading. So, I realized what the B was for that came through regarding my grandparents-they called my father Butch from the second he was born. It wasn’t his given name, but a nickname they called him all of his life. So that’s really neat!

Vicikie from Livonia

                                                                  ​February 11,  2018

I just have to share this.. so I was talking to Josh and asked him if he bought me earrings from what you said and he smirked and gave me my early bday present.. which was elegant earrings. Your gift is so amazing!

Allyssa from Mount Pleasent, Michigan

                                                                January 29, 2018

I have been consulting psychic Sherrie of the Traveling Psychics for 
three years now and have always gotten my money's worth because she
doesn't skimp on words and will sometimes even give advice that I had
not thought about asking like a better way to accomplish a task that I
never even thought of. Psychic Sherrie is worth every penny and is
a real blessing. 

 David from Hawaii

                                                                      January 15, 2018

Sherrie, I always am amazed by you.You are so gifted. Every time you say something it is just coming and happening. I should of listened to you much much earlier.

Mila, from Hamburg, Germany

                                                                December 16, 2017


Thanks so much for your spiritual guidance. I feel so much happier and I'm no longer having suicidal thoughts. I feel so happy to be alive. I do believe God wants me to be happy and I can have anything I desire. I want to live a happy and healthy life. I remember you previously stating how you love to hear from your clients, and I've been consulting with you for about two or three years now, and now I have finally complied...lol. Thanks so much!! I look forward to working on myself.

Rachelle from San Diego, California

                                                                            November 16,2017

Good morning Sherrie,
I just really wanted to thank you for last night. You really made me think and understand and I'm really working on having more self respect because I lost myself for a really long time. I wrote down the things you said and I'm really going to work on them. I also wanted to let you know that you were right. Last night at midnight he texted me.

Jamie from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

                                                               October 13, 2017

I received a reading from you a few months back and you were very accurate and have been on my mind to get another one since. You told me that I would be moving or preparing to move and my landlord told me soon after that she may be selling my home. You told me that I would be making changes at work that may bring more money and I got a raise. So thank you for that information!

Jahvia from  Sterling Heights, Michigan

                                                                        September 4, 2017

Just had another session with Sherrie at her spiritual “den”. Once again she was spot on with her predictions and continues to amaze me with her insight. She even brought up my recent purchase of a firearm that even my wife didn’t know about. What she charges for her sessions is very reasonable for the vision she provides. I plan to follow the path forward she predicted for me and look forward to our next session. She’s awesome.

Joe D from Rochester Hills, Michigan

                                                                           September 2, 2017

Sherrie, The reading I had with you was really good, and helpful.

​Krystal from British Virgin Islands

                                                                            August 24, 2017

I still am in shock that everything you said would happen is happening right now just like you said it would. You always give me some power to survive this time of my life. I cannot say thank you enough.

Veronica from Toronto, Canada

                                                                             ​June 27, 2017

(She bought a gift certificate for her mother )

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my mother, Denise, last night. It was so great to hear she had such a good evening with you.

Allison From Birmingham, Michigan

                                                                                 ​June 25, 2017

​Sherrie Ellen, In our April 2017 reading I had with you in person, you kept on talking about watching out for my sister-in-law, and watching out for guns. You kept talking about guns. You kept on warning me about guns. You were warning me about danger. You and I were talking about synchronicity. I am contacting you to tell you that husband killed himself with a gun 11 days ago.

 Anonymous,  Benton Harbor, Michigan

                                                                                      May 9, 2017
Hi Sherrie,

Just wanted to keep you updated.....

Things have gone from great to GREATER! I can't even express how nice it is to be happy again.

I finally asked Jay to take a 4 day vacation to Bay Harbor in June with me, and he said YES!!!! Sherrie, you have been 150% right from the very start, and you continue to be 150% correct. I'm so excited! He's also trying to figure out a weekend that's open so we both can spend a weekend up at his lakehouse! Finally - happiness! Things just keep getting better and better! Thank you so much!

Before the trip/vacation, I want to meet with you. My schedule has been wild and it's hard to find time, but definitely before the trip I want to meet with you.

You've filled me with confidence, and the results show!

I can't say THANK YOU enough!!!

Love you, Sherrie!!!!!!

Betty from Northville, Michigan

                                                                             May 6, 2017

i know you are accurate as hell, and thats why i trust what you say. This is Ron I will be requesting a reading from you very soon i have your number. your past reading were amazing.

Ron from Detroit, Michigan

                                                                             April 19, 2917

Hi Sherrie!

I was just thinking of you and wanted to send a big thank you for your reading a couple of weeks ago. I was in such a mental tail spin (which I tend to do) and since the reading, I have been more clear and calm.

I'm grateful to have found you and look forward to a long term spiritual relationship on this journey!

                          With gratitude, Breeanne ,  Ann Arblor, Michigan

​                                                                                           March 30, 2017


Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. You don't understand how many questions you answered for me and how much you put my heart at ease.

      Amber, Rosevile, Michigan

​                                                                                        February 2, 2017

Sherrie - Thank you so much for your messages. I'm so glad to hear that you're taking a vacation, I can only imagine how overwhelming it can be to be under so much demand and to have issues with buyers. Especially since you're doing everything you can to help others through the internet while also leading your day to day life - you're so very, genuinely gifted. And I have an alert already set for when you come back! Your advice has been the only advice I've received that was on point, and came to fruition exactly as you'd seen. I'd even been just told to give up hope on locating the object you helped me with, through someone else via a telephone call, who told me I'd thrown it away...so I just want to let you know how much your work does for me and everyone you touch. I hope you're enjoying your time off and feeling rooted in taking care of you - that's most important, and you're incredibly divinely gifted.

                                     Love and Blessings, Holly"

                                                                                         January 26, 2017

Sherrie, I just wanted to let you know you're the one person, the only psychic who I asked that ended up being completely and totally accurate. Thank you so much for that. You helped me find my lost medicine which would be very expensive for me to replace out of pocket,  and I truly appreciate it - it blew my mind how on point you were with the time frame and how I just happened to come across it exactly in the area you told me.

Hally P. from  Seattle, Washington

                                                                                        December 29, 2016
Wow. You even got the name, appearance, personality, and his heritage right because the man I am interested in is named Tom and he is Italian American and comes from a BIG family. He is very family oriented. He is an attorney/politician. He has dark hair, but, possibly he dies it. He's my age. This is all very interesting. WOW. Again. Excellent! Spot ON! Thanks.

Robin from Boston, Massachusetts

                                                                              November 28, 2016

I had a reading done by you. Exactly what you said was going to happen, it did. You are so amazing! Thank you

Erica from Highland Park, Michigan

                                                                                               July 17, 2016

​Hi Sherrie, just wanted to give you an update. I was not fired, I received a warning letter that's all. You were right, thank you for all your advice and for being so generous with your time.

Richard from Los Angeles, California 

                                                                                              ​June 26, 2016

Hi sherry, I met with you some years back I remember the day specifically. My friend had a reading with you at your home (in the garage) and then I did as well. In the last year what you told me has in fact happened (is happening) it feels like dejavu.

Mike C from Milford, Michigan

                                                                                                 May 5, 2016

Hi Sherrie, Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you and your readers for making our party so special. All of you were fantastic. It was amazing that you could put six reader together in just three days. I will call you for a more in-depth reading with you soon as I get a chance. I found your mini reading with me very on point. I also was impressed with my brief reading with Katheryn. My employees thought all of you were just incredible. I will book all of you to come back again for our December 2016 corporate holiday party/

Donata from Birmingham, Michigan

                                                                                              April 23, 2016

Master Sherrie, I would like to have another reading. Your reading was on the mark. She knows that I know that she has a boyfriend. I called a number that she didn't want me to call. She also lied to me about having a job, and a car. She used me, and never cared about me at all. And again thank u so very much because u have opened my eyes.

Ronald from Detroit, MI

                                                                                             March 1, 2016

Sherrie Ellen,

I was thinking about you and how I am with Charlie in large part because of your counseling. I opened up messenger to see I messaged you the same thing exactly a year ago. Blessings to you!

Rachel from Brooklyn, Michigan

                                                                                        February 17, 2016
Hi Sherrie Ellen,

I just wanted to say thank you, I am so pleased with the clarity that your reading has given me. I have spent 1000's of dollars with other readers in the past that were not accurate or helpful. What you said made so much sense and I do feel like going on and that is the secret as once the underlying issue has been resolved, there is not a story to tell. I am so grateful in speaking with you. You really opened a new level of functioning that was very intact 20 years ago. It is very frightening when a person as capable as me gets so destroyed and manipulated by a family that each and every one looks at the situation differently. Only a light worker with your skill level could see. I am interested in seeing if I have some of these gifts but have no idea how to structure or see if they exist.

With much appreciation, Misty from Saint Clair Shores, MI

                                                                                                     December 30, 2015


Thank you for your help in organizing Linda. The party was great and everyone loved the tarot card reader psychic Linda.

Thanks again, Melissa from Rochester Hills, MI

                                                                                               November 9, 2015

I had a 15 minute psychic phone reading with Sherrie Ellen exactly one month ago on October 9th. She warned me that I could get pregnant. She said to take precautions if this is a situation that I was not ready for. Well, I had to call her for a second mini reading today for a update on my situation, and to let her know that she was right on the button. I am pregnant. This woman knows all. 

Cristobel from Toledo, Ohio

                                                                                               October 26, 2015

Hi Sherrie,

It was all good. The psychic medium, and tarot card reader Adele that you sent read at my Halloween party was exceptional.

                       Kathy of Grosse Pointe, Michigan

                                                                                              October 18, 2015 

Hi Sherrie, 
Lulu was absolutely amazing, every one loved her! The Bride (my sister) especially!! She was thrilled, thank you for making our night so special. Looking forward to working with you again! 

Warm Regards, Kate of Dearborn

                                                                                            October 8, 2015

That was so wonderful. You're very blessed!

     Montana from Lowell, MI

                                                              October 5, 2015

Sherrie Ellen proved to me that she can really speak to the dead. I personally know of only 1 person that proved to me for a fact that they DID. It was Sherrie Ellen. It took damn near an hour and worth every penny. She told me things that only my grandmother and I would have known (trance). She verbalized my grandmother's Georgia 1890's deep southern dialect language, and described what she looked like. No way could she have known (my face is Asian). Scared the living hell out of me. If you want the real deal, this is the gal for you. You have to be patient and not rush her. The Irish would say, "She was born with a shroud", seeing thru a veil....into the next world.
Marie from Texas

                                        August 8, 2015

Hi Sherrie. I have not seen my three little granddaughters. It is killing me. Lilly is 6, Karlee 5, and Daisy is 3 years old. Francesca will not let me into her life. There is nothing I can do. Her step mother Pattie died a year and a half ago. Remember we had discussed it. How her cancer had metastasized. Well she passed away 6 months later. You had predicted that. My ex-husband (Francesca’s father/Los Angeles, California) remarried exactly one year later.

Barbara from Maui, Hawaii

June 11, 2015

I am just being truthful, and speaking from the heart. I can't explain what your messages mean to me. It is amazing how far you are away, and how helpful and kind you have been. I'm a great believer in everything happens for a reason. The reason being since speaking with you your words has opened my eyes, and hopefully my senses. It's amazing that you keep on giving. It's because you are a true spirit. I hope I haven't taken you away from your work and maybe one day I can have a full reading. Keep up the good work, because you are a breath of fresh air, and a blessing. I'll stop boring you now. Take care of yourself. I can understand the name master now. Take care ole wise one.

Eternally Gratefully, Simon xx from London England

May 14, 2015​

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you and your unique gifts. So far, everything that you have said has been accurate. There were some things you touched on that really didn't seem to have a lot of significance until now. Also, as much as I like you, I decided to not send a pictire just yet because I think I'd prefer to stay anonymous. I wonder if it might be best for our work relationship. I hope that doesn't offend you. It has nothing to do with your level of professionalism. You have been awesome. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous from Royal Oak, Michigan

​April 9, 2015

Thank you again for having the ability of being an earth angel and helping people! Blessings to you! Ecstatic with the reading. It made sense & I would definitely recommend! 

Kathleen B from Brantwood, Wisconsin

March 31,2015

Thank you so much Sherrie!!!! I will be in touch for another reading soon. You are amazing! Xo

Angie of Bloomfield Hills

March 24, 2015

Hey there! I hope you remember our call (not that you do a ton), my birthday is 11/21/95 if that helps. But just wanted to give you an update... You said you saw me on a trip around a big body of water, which turns out i was invited to go to Niagara Falls. It's so cool to see your work turn out! You said also you didn't see me coming home to my boyfriend after my trip! I'm just going to chalk that up to the fact that I don't live with him lol thank you so much for everything and I can't wait to visit you in person one day!

Korin from Fulton County, Wauseon, OH 

March 17, 2015​

Hi Sherrie – Sorry I am so late sending this, but wanted you to know that the psychic medium that you sent out for my birthday party was much beloved by my guests and they couldn’t have been happier with her readings – Thanks, Lori

Lori Goldman of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

March 13, 2015

4 hours of mediumship for a birthday party with 60 guests

She was incredible. The medium that you sent me absolutely was phenomenal - a very special experience for everyone. It blew my mind. I had trouble sleeping because of all the joyful messages that she shared from spirit. Thank you so very much.

(John Edward style gallory readings with one of The Traveling Psychics)

This was all thrown together with only 24 hours notice.

D Stein of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

January 1, 2015

Thanks again Sherrie for predicting Charles. I think of you all the time. Thanks for counseling me during a hard time.

R Williams of Ann Arbor, MI

December 6, 2014

Thank you so much for this reassurance. I am so doubtful about the situation. I really did need to seek higher advice from you. You previously told me he would return and you were right! I trust you so much. So please don't ever leave.

Fran from London, England, United Kingdom

November 19, 2014

I am just absolutely thrilled to have a chance to get another reading from you! Your abilities are amazing and extremely accurate. So many 'psychics' are fakes, but you are the real deal! When I asked my question I hadn't even thought about Rob. Yet you picked up on him! We had been such close friends at one point. Now I know you are for real. I feel I can ask this second question that has been sort of hidden in my mind but I knew it was there. I try hard to pay attention to signs from spirit but I am not always sure I interpret things correctly. 

Blessings, Shirley from Reedley CA

November 15, 2014
​Hello my Angel,

​I would like to thank you very much for you accurate vision about my job. You said to me that I'm going to find a job in December. Today I signed a contract beginning from December 20 to January 4th. Thank you very much for your kindness, and help, God bless you. You are my Angel.

M Bennabi from France

November 11,2014

Hi Sherrie, I have received readings from you in the past and would like to schedule one soon. I also wanted you to know that you gave me a reading about my son that was so accurate. You said he would adjust fine to junior high, but will get a lot of attention from girls. Lo and behold he went girl crazy and is some kind of popular. Thanks for the heads up!

Jahvia of Detroit, Michigan

October 19, 2014

Hi Sherrie, I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU! All we heard the entire night is how great you were and how it was "creepy" that you knew everything about everyone just from their name and their birthday! We honestly did not get one bit of negative feedback. As soon as we land on a date for next year, consider yourself booked! 

Michael from  West Bloomfield, MI

  (Halloween Party)

August 6, 2014

Do you remember saying that my ex-husbands' wife was not going to be long with this world, and when she passed (died) of cancer(lungs/chest, that she would not accept it? Well, you were right. You said that it would happen within a year. She died last Monday. Thought I would let you know. Funny about your predictions/sight; it came true. You were extremely accurate about my relatives....even to how they spoke. But, the most interesting thing was that...all of your predictions in the reading DID come true.

I highly recommend you. It was worth every penny. God bless you.

  Thank you, Marie Texas

​                                                                                                      June 5, 2014

Good morning Sherrie, Thank you again for a wonderful reading on Friday. I enjoyed our time together. I did ask Josh about the brick. He is bricking his fireplace in his bedroom. His family room will have brick and wood burning stove. I told him you saw that. Of course curiosity killed the cat and he asked about the reading. The dark spirits you mentioned...spot on. I had 8 missed calls when I left you. The only thing I didn't understand was the brainwashing. I have a book that I had not read yet on dealing with difficult relationships. I just opened it up...verbal + emotional abuse=brainwashing. Color me shocked. Thank you again for another wonderful and relaxing reading. Also...thank you for helping me smile again!

Jennifer, Waterford MI

                                                                                               May 8, 2014

I got my son face-to-face instead of via text and told him exactly where you told me to look for his lost retainer "one last time" with your specific instructions. Wouldn't ya know two days later he found them!  So thank you again! It saved me $130 worth of plastic! You get more than your moneys worth! Great communicator. Excellent!

Michelle N.  Corry PA

                                                                                                       May 5, 2014

I have been seeing Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen for several years. She is always spot on with me even when she tells me what I do not want to hear. Many times Sherrie Ellen will warm me not to do something. Then I will do it anyways hoping for the outcome that I desire. This masterful prophet is always right on with me, and approaches me with accurate and honest information out of love. I could say that this light worker has been like a mother figure for me. But I prefer to call her my angel. This psychic medium and clairvoyant is absolutely the best. I indefinably would recommend her to anyone that is looking for honest and legitimate psychics in Michigan.

A.D.  Birmingham, MI

                                                                                                      May 3, 2014

Sherrie Ellen, I just have to say thank you. When I heard your words, it brought tears to my eyes. You are making a difference in this sometimes crazy world.

Mark A.  USA

                                                                                                    April 26,2014

I am so thankful we meet over the phone earlier in March. It was a truly meaningful and much-needed conversation that has helped me every day since. My wife is turning 30 on Sunday and I was hoping to arrange a session between you and her if possible. I told her how much I benefited from it and she has been very interested ever since. Could you let me know if you have time for a half-hour session with her this Sunday? I'm sure she would be flexible with time based on what is most convenient for you.

Adam, Ann Arbor, MI

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 April 20, 2014

Sherrie Ellen of The Traveling Psychics is absolutely the most amazingly accurate and compassionate psychic medium I have ever met, and it is miraculous how she knows all these details that I never tell her about.  I recently had a problem with Sears. Sherrie Ellen was able to unerringly zero in that I was spinning my wheels in all kinds of tangents because I had not take the time to read the fine print in the cotract.  She told me that what Sears was doing was in the agreement. She told me to read the contract.  Another example is the question I posed to her if I should purchase a brand new lock forthet door of my apartment because the old lock hadbeen compromised. Without my even telling her anything about the lock, she told me to just take a small screwdriver and change the combination of the lock. You can't get a better psychic than her. My life is so much better now because my way is much clearer because of Sherrie Ellen and her compassionate and accurate replies to my questions. 

David Yasuo Henna   Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                                                                     April 7. 2014
​Hello Sherrie, 
I just wanted to let you know that you did my reading on March 4, 2014 and you were right! You predicted that the girl in my court case would not want to let this go and you were so right! I am amazed! I still have my sentencing to go to, but I cannot believe how accurate you were. I look forward to making another appointment with you soon! Thank you so much! God bless! 

   Ann W.  Oakland County, MI

                                                                                                  March 25, 2014

The reading was spot on. Fascination with nuns, Apology from my father priceless as I am working on forgiveness...faith my friend too. You don't need to hear it all. And you channeled my grandmother beautifully. I just said to a friend she plays with my hair! If you need any references I give you 5 stars. All I wish for is lots more time. YOU MUST BE BUSY. I'M GIVING OUT YOUR NUMBER.

Carol   West Bloomfield, MI

                                                                                                   March 8, 2014

​My reading with Sherrie Ellen was incredible. Her style is straight to the point, genuine, caring, and honest. She picked up on things that were unbelievably spot on accurate. Her gift is amazing and I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s truly blessed with a remarkable gift and I will definitely be contacting her again. Thank you Sherrie!


                                                                                                January 1, 2014

Hi Sherrie

I received a reading from you a few months back and you were very accurate and have been on my mind to get another one since. You told me that I would be moving or preparing to move and my landlord told me soon after that she may be selling my home. You told me that I would be making changes at work that may bring more money and I got a raise. So thank you for that information!

          TJ     Sterling Heights, MI

                                                                                       November 4, 2013

HI Sherrie,

 Here is my testimonial that I want to share telling people that you exceeded my expectation. You are a really a nice person, and easy to talk to. Sherrie is a true psychic, and she told me things that no one else knows but me. I could not believe how accurate she was. I have been to a few psychics and she has been the best. I highly recommended,  

                                Jerry      Commerce Township, MI

                                                                                                              March 22 2013

You were amazing! You told me that I would be getting a place with a woman that i knew and at the time I didn't think that was ever going to happen but it did. We now have our own place and you were right on the money. I can't wait to hear more from you soon! Thank you so much. 

​                                                    Jay Blackmoney

                                                                                               February 25 2013
Hi Sherrie,

I am so glad you added me! I sent you an e-mail a while back telling you that many of your predictions came true. You told me I would meet a man of law and marry him. I met an attorney in 2011 and he proposed last June. Thanks again and I would love to schedule another reading with you soon!

Warmest Regards,

                                                                                           April 19 2012               

REMARKABLE READING!!!!!! I called Sherrie as I was in a terrible panic, my husband had a stroke and I misplaced an envelope with his birth certificate, his parents important papers, I tried everything, but since he was born in Canada it was a nightmare to get an original and I had to have the docs for Social Security...I called Sherrie and she was so nice, while I babbled away, just panicked....she told me I didnt throw it away, she saw natural wood and a cardboard box, she told me it was in the house downstairs, sure enough I found it in a closet under the stairs (theres your wood box) AMAZING....she told me so many things that no one could know...I am planning a party as my friends cannot wait for thier reading....I will utilize Sherrie for a long time!!!!! Truely...call her .. you will NOT be disapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


                                                                                   November 18, 2011                    

Sherrie is amazing! I called her for the first time and had a 15 minute phone appointment with her because I lost my wedding and engagement rings. During our talk she gave me a very specific description of where my rings were and the time frame in which I would find them. She was 100% correct about everything she told me! I found my rings and now I have her number saved! 


                                                                   August 11, 2011

I called Sherrie Ellen when I was in a terrible state, trying to get answers to questions from someone that I recently lost. She was able to connect with him, with just his first name and birthdate and the information that she gave was amazingly accurate. I needed peace and closure - I needed answers and I was amazed by what she was able to open the door to. Thank you for helping me connect with my soulmate again. 


Sherrie,                                                                            August 11, 2011

I just wanted to say thank you.  You helped me connect with Travis a couple of weeks ago and it really gave me some peace and closure.  One thing that I found wierd in our reading was that when I asked him what song reminded him of me, he said "You are my sunshine".  He used to call me "dear" which are in the lyrics, so I thought maybe that was why, but it still was odd.  Anyways, the next morning, when I woke up, my daughter came in the room and started singing "You are my sunshine" to me.  I have never heard her sing that song.  She said it just came in her head.  There is still grief and some unanswered questions, but I am a lot better now than I was.  Thank you for squeezing me in.  I'm sure I'll be back for a reading.

Sincerely, Christine

                                                                             July 2, 2011

Sherrie is a very gifted psychic medium. I highly recommend her. I was beside my self when I first met Sherrie after loosing my beloved wife to cancer. Sherrie helped me with closure. She is as authentic as they come. I was first drawn to her because she spells her name just like my wife did. I took it as a sign. I fly out from New York frequently for reading's with Sherrie. I rather see her in person even though she is just as amazing on the phone. 

Randy, New York 


Sherrie,   you did a reading for me about a month ago and suggested made a great life changing suggestion.  I love it! It really helps me keep on the track to a better way of life that you started me on! Thank you so much and hope to see you again soon.

J. H.


Thank you for the reading, the advice, everything, So very sweet!!!

Michelle, WV


From 1 psychic to another! Accurate/insightful. I recommend this extremely intuitive Michigan psychic.  I will call Sherrie again.

Karen, CA


Lightning speed answear to my questions, and great accuracy.... highly recommend reading from this seller. She is amazing.

Debbie, CA


FANTASTIC!! This is one of those readings that just gives you a great big aha. T

Carla, SC


Sherrie Ellen, How can I ever thank you for the warning. If you never alerted me at my reading session I never would have gone to my doctor. You saved my life. I don’t know how my family and I can ever thank you. My three children would not have their mother right now.

Maggie McClellan, MI


Dearest Sherrie, my experience with you was more than gratifying.  It was in deed rewarding. You are a truly gifted person who I believe God has ordainined to help me in this time of tremendous pain and suffering. You are a rare breed of psychics.  One of a kind who can determine one's fate and future.  phenomenal and wonderful.  I trust your judgement completely!

God bless you, 
Cecelia Morales, MI


I spent a hour on the phone with Sherrie, and I must say that I hung up the phone [and] fought not to buy another hour. It was a awesome reading. She is honest, calm, and will NOT tell you something to just get you by. She will only tell you what she feels [and] sees! I have spoken with other psychics in my time and some are jugmental and she is NOT. She is more than a psychic, and the only way to understand that is to get a psychic reading and see what I mean. She's fantastic.... 

Racheal A., NY 


I thank you very much you have made me very happy,as the elderly lady you spoke of is my great grandmother.I never expected or even thought I would hear a family members name mentioned.Its shined a light on darkness and made me a even bigger believer.Must say I don't no who Ned is,perhaps he is family I don't no of or just a friendly spirit.But its nice to no I have my great nan and another friendly spirit around me,thanks.

United Kingdom


Hi ,  I'm terrible at thinking of questions to ask so last time I ask you to tell me something that was coming up and what you told me floored me because you were spot on and everything come to pass just like you said. So, that's what I would like this time if possible. Your a blessing and I really appreciate it :) I hope your having a wonderful Sunday :) Thanks so much!


HI Sherrie,                                                              12/15/2011

Thank you so much for participating, you were a huge success!  Everyone that I spoke with that got a reading from you was floored at the accuracy.  I would like to schedule sometime in the upcoming year to host a psychic party; do you charge for those in the same way?  

                                       Sheray                        (Michigan Event)

Two of the things have come to pass in 2 days. thank you 


My husband of thiry two years passed away in his sleep, right beside me, eight weeks ago.  He only sat in a maroon chair and you saw a peaceful spirit in his maroon chair.  It made me feel so good after hearing that, and I wanted to tell you.  Now if only I could find a way to sleep it would be all I needed.  Thanks for your gift. -Adele

Interesting Reading. Very engaging personality. Thanks. 

Very quick to schedule & prompt to call. Thank you for the wonderful reading! 

Very warm and caring lady!! Spent extra time and gave lots of advice..Thanks!! 

Interesting and gave me something to think about, very nice, recommend. thanks! 

Fantastic. The accuracy and knowledge of her reading was overwhelming

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