Angel Readings 

The Traveling Psychics and love expert Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen are proud to introduce our newest member to our group. Our elegant and talented angel artist is teaming up with Master Angel Messenger Sherrie Ellen to offer gorgous and breathtaking angel drawings for parties and events. This is a unique opportunity for those that are seeking messages from your angels.

Celestrial beings are everywhere
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Our angel messages are life changing!

We work closely with Archangel Michael and Archangels Raphael

 Raphael frequently answers our prayers that you may hear as a slight whispering of suggestions that can filter through as thoughts, feelings, or vivid dreams, and divine visions.

Michael carries his powerful sword of protection. He is the gentle guardian, and  a prisoner of love to the life he serves. Michael and Rachael work closely together.

We have the  best angel artist psychic in Michigan
Angel Art