Sherrie Ellen is one of the most accurate Michigan psychics

You will find that I have a very unique eclectic approach and delivery to my readings!

I am a 8th generation, genuine, real psychic medium, empath & intuitive. I can tap into peoples emotions. I am also a numerologist and spiritual counselor. I am not here to take your money, or to waste your time. I believe that the information I can provide should be available to anyone who seeks to receive psychic knowledge and guidance. This is why I do not charge as much as many other psychics. I believe that I have been blessed with these gifts to do Gods work. I am compelled and excited to serve those in need as I feel I am here to do. 

  Let my angels, spirit guides and I serve you!
Get on your right path with a private phone reading with Sherrie Ellen

My guides and angels offer information in such a way that will be helpful and informative to the seekers of the most high. This allows for the freedom of their GOD given free will. I believe that there is never anything set in stone until it is done. We are constantly changing and evolving, and re-writing our future on a moment to moment basis. I always encourage personal empowerment, growth and to see truth, for the truth indeed shall set you free. Through the knowledge and n the acceptance of truth you will find peace,

I read primarily by clear thought, receiving whole ideas, and empathic feelings within my whole being. Some of the times I get impressions of the past, present, and future intertwined together as there is really no distinction between the three. I also see by symbols, movies, photos and clairaudience. The more information and details I have about your situation the better able I am to dial into what it is that you need to know. I can also pick up on what has happened within you to bring about the current situation, and will do my best. I can only give to you what is given me! I am also a teacher of karma and universal laws.

Readings phone by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen
​(Sherrie Ellen is also available for readings in person)

 60 Minute Psychic Phone Reading  $160.00
     Channeled psychic reading includes Astrology/Numerology

 45 Minute Psychic Phone Reading  $120.00
    Channeled psychic reading includes Astrology/Numerology

30 Minute Psychic Phone Reading  $80​.00
          Channeled psychic reading includes Astrology/Numerology        

20 Minute Psychic Phone Reading   $60.00  
  Numerology added as bonus     

 60 Minutes of Pure Mediumship    $250.00
​ This reading can be a combo of psychic/mediumship

45 Minutes Psychic/Mediumship combo​ $200.00

                                            60 Min Akashic Records, Karma, Past Life Reading $250 

                                  Reiki, Chakra Clearing Energy Balancing $250  

*Private Psychic Development Classes Are Now Available*

Each session is taking place by phone, or in person during the 2014 spring and summer months. I will be charging per class. We will schedule a appointment time that will work in the best interest of Sherrie Ellen and the student. You are not obligated to take a certain amount of class's. You can stop and pick up at your own pace. Now that the weather broke you will have an option to study with Sherrie Ellen in person or continue with your lessons by phone. There will be home work given. During these past brutal winter months classes were by phone only!

*(Come To Sherrie Ellen's Psychic Reading Room For A Private Reading)*
          All readings are confidential. This is my sacred psychic oath!         

For Our Parties 

Serving Oakland County Michigan & Surrounding Areas. 

*Private phone readings available all over the world from the master psychic reader*

   Take what you can and will use. Then you may choose to leave the rest...

​In person readings prices may vary from phone pricing

Pricing above is for one client only. There will be addition fees added per extra person to sit in or to participate in a session.

All deposits for events are nonrefundable.. All moneys for readings received, & appointment times missed are nonrefundable.

For entertainment purposes only. Must be at least 18 years old to purchase.

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