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Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen of Oakland County, Michigan was born with these abilities. But she has also had to privilege to have been trained with some very wonderful teachers from around the world to enhance them.

Sherrie Ellen works with Chamuel to heal broken hearts of unrequited love, and to help others learn to reunite with their soul mates in the physical world that are here with us now. She also helps those reconnect with the ones that have proceeded ahead of them by the transitional change that many refer to as death by recognizing the signs of direct communication from their loved ones who passed on to this other side of reality. His name means "He who sees God". Archangel Chamuel helps you to expand your heart chakra by rekindling the infinite flame of love within you. As a psychic that channels through the means mediumship it is Sherrie Ellen’s spiritual duty to hold the highest of values because she is a trusted servant of god, and a student and practitioner of the mystical Kabbalah.

Sherrie Ellen is a psychic medium that touches with spirits of loved ones that have passed on to the other side, angels, archangels, god and other entities of the most supreme order under gods direction that are evolved to the highest levels within the outer and inner dimensions. Together they help Master Sherrie Ellen with her messages and with her own constant evolution as a light worker. She is here to help all seekers of the highest truth and light! Master Oakland County psychic Sherrie Ellen is also available for private psychic readings which accurate predictions are given to the subject concerning their past, present and future events to come. Each consultation is catered specifically to the individual needs of the client. This internationally known psychic and medium acts as a lighthouse so you can find your way back home to your path and desired destination that is in the best interest of all concerned! Archangel Michael is always present at all times. He comes in with his brilliant violet flame of protection to purify all those that come before the aura of the Master. Most people feel the healing presence of Archangel Raphael from the moment they enter the presence of the Master.

How does this psychic medium do it?

The price to have two readers present for a one person consultation is the same price as mediumship reading. If you want us to travel to your location then a travel fee will apply. 

Psychic Medium
Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen Talks To Spirits

(248) 505-9227
The Traveling Psychics is now offering Duet Mediumship at Sherrie Ellen’s Psychic Reading Room located in Commerce Township, Michigan. We also travel to some of our client’s locations to read on site at their own location. Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen joined forces with another Spiritualist style psychic medium who is another extremely talented medium to super charge their channels to deliver the most profoundly accurate information, and messages to help grieving loved ones who are left behind find closure, answers to unanswered questions and move forward in their own lives. Our channel work is a labor of love. We only bring in the highest of vibrations of pure light. We do not allow and darkness to penetrate our space of light and love. This mediumship duet is only getting better and stronger. The last words their first client that experienced the combined talents of these two channels together in a totally private setting said to Master Sherrie Ellen is "When can I come back again"?

Michigan medium Sherrie Ellen is proud to announce The Traveling Mediums, affiliated with The Traveling Psychics. We provide a safe and private environment for those who are grieving and need closure.

We Are Offering The Ultimate Experience 


(Duet Psychic, Mediumship, Combination Readings are available by request.)

Witness A Unique Connective Experience Like No Other

Duet Extreme Is Our Most Powerful Reading
A combination of mediumship and psychic predictions

Please call in advance for all appointments!

​Mini Duet Readings Are Available For Party Throwers

The Ultimate Breathtaking Experience In Mediumship

All done in a private setting

Taking reservations for in house private mediumship sessions
$25 Deposit - Duet
$25  Deposit for In-House Duet Mediumship