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Love Is All There is

by Sherrie Ellen on 02/04/20

The only thing that’s real, and eternal is love. We are made of star dust, and created in the very essence of love. Real love is powerful and lasting. It’s only when the ego gets in the way that everything starts going sideways. Simply the very essence of love changes the energy in a room.

When the morning dew on a leaf of a overhanging branch drips down in a lake, or a pebble falling from a cliff above hits a body of water, it casts an outward ripple that continues until it’s out of view, making an impact on something much larger than itself. Such is the case, also, with a kind deed. It doesn’t take much to make an impression. But a simple act of kindness transcends past that moment, and into the hearts of those who bear witness to it.   

Showing genuine selfless acts of Kindness and compassion to others can create miracles in the lives of both the giver, and the receiver. Sometimes it just takes a smile, or kind word to change a situation, or give someone else receiving that boost of love to pass it on to someone else in need.

If you have ever had one of those wow days, that make you wonder how did you get so lucky, because something so randomly great just fell in your lap, you must believe that the Universe is just paying it forward to you for something you did for someone else. You must know that life is not random. What    goes around comes around. Karma is real and she has a long memory.

We all have lessons to learn. And that is the purpose of our journey here on earth. What every we put out. May it be the good, bad or the ugly, it will eventually come back to you. But the bottom line is that the only thing that is real and lasting is love. So, stop fighting it, and show more of it.

So many people come to seek Oakland County, Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen out for psychic love readings concerning romance, and family.  And then there is mediumship so grieving loved ones can find closure with those departed loved ones, and friends on the other side.


The Sacred Zohar, Kabbalah and Prophetic Dreams

by Sherrie Ellen on 08/14/18


Clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen Speaks About Dreaming


The truth about why you dream, what happens in your dreams, prophetic dreams, scary dreams, and why you sleep according to Kabbalah, and as written in the sacred Zohar.

According to Interpretations

Oakland County psychic medium and clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen has been a Kabbalah student for many years. She is founder of The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company in Michigan. Sherrie Ellen constantly receives many questions from her clients about the meanings of their dreams. According to Kabbalah not all dreams are about physical reality. Some people dream when they are awake. But we are mostly referring to the sleep state. You are not supposed to discuss your dreams with just anyone. Kabbalists believe that you should only discuss it with someone who loves you 100%, and wants only the best for you. This is because the actual interpretation of such dreams can affect how the potentiality of how this dream plays out as a reality within the physical world. There for you want someone who is trained on what to say, and on what not to say.  The other alternative on finding the best person to discuss your dream experiences with, is choose someone who cares about you, so they will give you a positive interpretation.


According to the ancient text written in the Zohar by practicing Kabbalah scholars, our dreams should remain private. They should not be discussed in front of groups of people because someone who is not educated in such matters, or does not hold our best interest at heart could blurt out something negative. You do not want anyone negatively blurting out their opinions because this could affect the outcome and turn a frightening dream into a negative painful realty. Advanced living souls such as Kabbalist who study the Zohar who will understand this concept are capable of helping interpret your dream so you will invite a positive outcome to your movie.

Dreams are not always related to physical reality. Dreams can be filled with many different codes, and symbols and usually have nothing to do with our logical minds.

The Dream Weaver

There are levels of dreams. The highest one is the level of prophecy. Usually a person that is negative does not reach this level. The way we behave during the day affects us. When we see a dream in its entirety play out scene by scene that is also another level of prophecy. This means that we were also able to see this movie before we also were able to see this situation play out in our life.

If we take into consideration a person that is sixty years old, we have to account that at least twenty of these sixty years were spent sleeping. The Kabbalist believe that we have no choice but to sleep even though it feels like a waste of time. So instead of wasting our 33% of our time sleeping why not make certain that we get some kind of benefit such as valuable clues on how to get a jumpstart on making important decisions that will lead to a more positive, and joyful future,

In different parts of the world people statistically seem to partake in a different amount of sleep hours depending on our life style. But the less sleep people have, the grouchier they seem to be. When we are busy we are less tired. And when we are not busy we are more tired.  Many may notice that after coming home from a what they thought of as a restful vacation of lounging at the beach that they will come home tired. Resting and sleeping are two different things. The Zohar says that the reason that people are tired is because there is a war between the good in you, and the bad in you.

If you feel good and are having a happy day, then you are less tired. The more you are angry, reactive, and upset, the more tired you will feel.  They feel tired because they have a disconnection from the light.  The angrier and more reactive a person is the more tired they become.  There is only one reason for sleeping. Sleep gives our souls an opportunity to leave the physicality so it can recharge itself.

If you went through an experience in the middle of the day that was stressful and made you angry then you would feel that you wanted to sleep. This is your soul urging you to allow it to reconnect to the light so it can recharge itself.

Dreams are a form of prophecy. When you are dreaming you are getting messages about the future. This is written in the Tora, and also it is scientifically proven. This is confusing because sometimes the dreams are fabrication, and sometimes the dreams are true. We have to ask ourselves how we know this. The Zohar state that this depends on a person’s action. The famous Kabbalist, Rav Berg from the Kabbalah Center states that if someone is negative, hates people, gossips about people then they will have dreams that will be of total fabrication.  The negative dreamer’s dreams will have no validity but will be based upon fear. But the negative dreamer’s dreams will have nothing to do with the future.

The Rav says that the Zohar states that only someone who is righteous, treats his fellow-man nicely can see prophetic dreams of the future. Prophecy says that tomorrow is here now. This is because tomorrow comes today because today is the seed of tomorrow. The seed already contains the fruit now, except in a potential manner.  Time is just an illusion said Einstein. It is not immutable. It is mutable. It can change. When you only live in the physical reality then you will be part of a world that is both good and evil. That is why we all are here to strive to reach a higher consciousness.

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen wants you to be aware that if you do not get enough sleep you will feel angrier, and more disconnected.  Negativity that has zapped our power is the real reason for sleeping.  The soul wants to leave the body to go back to the source to recharge so they are able to continue on their soul mission tomorrow morning.  Hopefully this recharging will help your soul return back to its body. With some people this does not happen. This also is based on how far off course we have gone from the destined purpose of this particular life reincarnation here on earth.

When a person is asleep there may be part of this dream like state that we do not remember. But it is not complete sleep yet. There are levels of REM or deepness. Our body may feel like its falling. When a person is dreaming than their eyes are constantly moving. When their eyes are still they have not reached a dream state. Meditation is a state in-between the dream state and being awake. When we master our dreams, we can make changes in our movie, change outcome, alter prophecy, and correct our karmic dept.  Our dreams are not just for messages, or prophecy. Our dreams create healing. Only dead people do not dream at all.

Repairing, Clearing and Detoxing our Souls

by Sherrie Ellen on 11/13/17

When we sleep our soul leaves our body, and reunites with the greater whole, referring to the source, to recharge our souls. We are all sparks of the source which we call G-d. God is usually referred to as he. Our individual sparks which is our higher self, and also our spark of the soul is referred to as she.

But there is another aspect of God that enters the head of our bed as we lay ourselves down to sleep. This aspect of God works on triggering sparks within our brains so we can reconnect spiritually to the higher source. These flash triggers try to help us evolve by connecting us with a long forgotten higher knowledge of what we need to know in the here and now so we can progress further in our path on this earth plane.

This female aspect of God also known as Shechina who is also referred to as a she usually has to work with us through out many reincarnations to get this job done. She delves deep into our darkness, and muck to help us ignite the sparks to bring in these corrections.

Shechina also plays a big part in helping us see the larger picture. She helps us by delving down into the muck with us to try to help us cleanse off our spiritual lenses. Shechina draws the light from the supreme source above, that delivers the upper lights. As above, so below.

Through the feminine aspect of the divine God, and our souls that are sparks of the Shechinah, place themselves in voluntary captivity so they can do the job from inside. We are here to heal the world.  

Only when those come together to create cleansing, and healing changes for our planet because their destinies are tied together, then these earthly souls can work together to repair the fractures within each other’s souls caused by the acts of our egos. This is the process of karma.

Master Sherrie Ellen has been a student studying the Zohar at the Kabbalah Center located in California for many years. If you wish to be a student please contact Master Oakland County, Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen. She would love to introduce you to her teacher who periodically makes trips to teach in person in the metro Detroit area. 

Michigan Psychic Tarot Card Reader

by Sherrie Ellen on 06/28/16

Oakland County Tarot Card Reader 

Tarot is a mystical world! There’s much more than what meets the eye via a hugely attractive and intriguing Tarot cards’ deck. Tarot is a much deeper and complex subject than what it is thought to be. In fact, it is a unique combination of art and science. Art, because a Tarot Card Reader, besides a keen psychic ability, requires a great deal of intuitive prowess and analytical ability in order to interpret the cards correctly. At the same time, Tarot is also a science, as it constantly strives to produce reliable, consistent and comprehensible results and predictions. Tarot can be aptly used to soothe, counsel, predict and guide. It can help clear one’s confusions with valuable insights and advice. Tarot can help one connect with his higher, inner self. This very aspect of Tarot makes it unique and more useful. Tarot focuses on analyzing the past to address the current problems with a definite view on future to help one take just the right decisions.

To people unfamiliar with divination (the practice of using signs or special powers to predict the future) it may seem that someone who reads Tarot cards is “predicting the future.” However, most Tarot card readers will tell you that the cards offer a guideline, and the reader is simply interpreting the probable outcome based upon the forces presently at work. They are commonly used to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, event, or both.

The Tarot is a great tool for guidance and advice, as well as solving problems. Each of the cards has a meaning of its own, Tarot is a highly intuitive process. Few readers would suggest that anyone could just pick up a deck of tarot cards and produce a meaningful reading. Often, the cards are viewed as having no power at all and are simply a helpful visual cue to aid the reader. Others believe there is some power in the cards that accentuates the reader's own talents, which is why they'll only work from their own decks.

There are many different ways of consulting the cards for divination, but they mostly involve laying out the cards after shuffling and interpreting the indications of the major symbolic cards in their relationship to each other.

Tarot cards have been around for several centuries, but they were originally an entertaining parlor game, rather than a tool of divination.

As a reader I have been using Tarot cards for 14 years, and have found them to often be a great tool and very accurate!

Welcome To Michigan Psychic Fair Sundays

by Sherrie Ellen on 04/17/16

Best Oakland County Psychic

The Traveling Psychics favorite Detroit tarot card reader and Oakland County psychic Sherrie Ellen will be offering 15 and 30 minute psychic, tarot card readings at a Spring/Summer 2016 special event price at our random mini Michigan psychic fair Sundays.

Great Detroit Tarot Card Reader

Master psychic, clairvoyant, spiritualist style medium, angel card reader, numerologist and astrologer Sherrie Ellen is opening her doors to 15 minute private readings. This is something that she has never offered before in person.

Well Known Palm Reader

One of our most popular and charming psychic astrologers and well known palm readers is ready to pop in to Sherrie Ellen’s Psychic Reading Room to impress our clients with his accurate and unique reading style by appointment. He will only come in for larger individual reads that of eight +.

Oakland County Psychic Fair

Our phones are always on and our doors are always open by appointment only please. We are located in Commerce Township, Michigan. Come check out Sherrie Ellen’s new additional psychic reading room. It’s private and cozy. We can put a Michigan Psychic Fair on for any larger group and day of the week if you give us some notice.

Bring Your Friends

For a special day request to have several readers out for a private gathering we will need a deposit. With this option we can bring in any one, or several of The Traveling Psychics that you prefer.

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