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It Is Written In The Zohar That Negativity Is Dangerous

by Sherrie Ellen on 04/05/16

Kabbalah Study

I am Michigan psychic medium and clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen. I study have been studying Kabbalah with my teacher Batsheva from the Kabbalah Center in California for many years now. Her husband who Chagia who has also become my present teacher has been a teacher with the center for over twenty years has now become my new Metropolitan Detroit Kabbalah teacher who is earning frequent flyer miles by gracing us with his expertise and light in person, and via satellite at our Detroit Kabbalah Study Group located in Oakland County, Michigan. 

Kabbalah Study Group

This physical world is an effect of the upper world. These two worlds stand parallel. The physical world and the spiritual world which is where our blessings come. The supernal world is the source of all blessings, and light.  The source gives to us according to where we are, our state of mind, and our state of consciousness at our given time. If we are joyful then we will be showered from the upper worlds with joy.  As we exist in this world so it will be shinned upon us from the supernal worlds.

We all want to attract more blessings into our lives

If we hold on to a negativity then we will be drawing upon us that same sense of judgement. The Zohar says that if we want blessings then we have to be happy. We do not draw blessings upon us when we are depressed or sad.  The Zohar says that it is actually dangerous to be sad and to hold on in this state of despair. You have to push yourself into a state of joy so you can draw the blessings and light upon you. If you want to repeat all the rewards of these blessings then you have to realize that holding onto the negativity is not worth it because it blocks the light from entering into your life. 

Every day we create new angels

When you hold onto anger and sadness you are keeping yourself from receiving all that your heart truly desires. But you must believe that you are worthy of all this goodness. Because if you thought you deserved all this goodness then you would let go of all that is negative and find yourself in the natural state of joy that was intended for you. When the light of the creator is hidden, that causes fear. Nothing negative can happen to you from the light of the creator. So just let it in, so you can feel safe and peaceful, knowing that you are protected.  

Be positive to block negativity

But when the individual allows the light of the creator to be removed from them then it opens up the individual to all kinds of negativity. Do not hug your chaos. You have to ask yourself are you fighting the unhappiness or are you just hugging your misery because its familiar and you are used to it? Or do you think that you do not deserve to be happy? When you stay in a negative state it opens up many portholes that allows all kinds of negativity to enter into your life including dark entity attachments that are hard to get rid of. When you remain in a negative state you cannot experience clarity. The light of the creator can only rest in a place where there is joy. 

Invite the joy in to create clarity

When King David would be stressed out about situations, and felt that his clarity was blocked then he use to invite over a harp player to raise his consciousness so he would feel the joy again in his life. Maybe we just need to open up a healthy fear of sadness so we can ignite a spark within ourselves to find the strength to attract an abundance of joy into our lives so we can attract blessings and light from the creator. Many people call Kabbalah a religion. But it is not. It is a technology that can enrich and change your life forever as it has mine. If you are stuck in a rut, then give it a shot. The system is very focused on astrology, angels, creating blessings, miracles and so much more. Just ask my teacher.

Where there is a will, there is a way

by Sherrie Ellen on 04/05/16

When the winds of fear and despair over situations that you feel that there are no exit doors out of begin to blow your way, it’s important to remember one thing most of all. If you just remember this one thing then you are already ahead of the game. You must keep in mind that you must remain calm. There is a fix and a cure to every situation. But if you get overly excited and stay in the vortex of fear then you will block all the creative ways and messages that are being sent down to you from your angels.

 Fear blocks your creativity and keeps you in limbo much longer then if you just try to calm yourself and listen to the quietude within. God gives us all free will to choose our next move. And the angels will assist you if you call upon them. Their job is to serve god through helping all of us earthly souls that are abiding in gods garden learning our lessons on this plain.

People have been requesting 90 minute psychic readings from Michigan psychic, clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen in person. She has a special price that that she is offering for this extended reading that is not posted on her website. Master Spiritualist style reader Sherrie Ellen mixes up personalized astrology forecasts in most of her full readings. She also delivers vital past life regression readings. Her resources and connectivness abilities allows her to tap into the Akashic records.      

The weather is starting to cool, the stock market is in flux. We are coming into a new spiritual awakening where the universe is trying to create balance back into all areas where the scales have tipped due to human choices. It’s time to heal.  We all have lessons to learn. Some of our lessons are individual. And some are obviously collective. Where we have to make changes as a whole we have to pull together to bring order back on our psychical planet, socially bringing unity to all of our divided counties, which in the long run will help our economic growth. It all starts with the out pouring of love to and from one person at a time.

Turning A Negative Experience Into A Positive One

by Sherrie Ellen on 12/22/15

Many times just by having a positive attitude about a negative experiences sets the wheels in motion within the universe toward spinning this grinding situation into a very positive and productive life lesson. There are moments in time where you just have to trust your own intuition and move away from the heat of the opposition’s moment to keep control over your own overly reactive egos response. Let the winds of time cool down, while you just ride the waves up stream toward your peaceful destination.

Remember that Saturn’s clues are that you keep on getting the same reoccurring negativity in your live. This means that you have missed your lesson. It like a never ending carousel until you are ready to face   your truth. We create all the circumstances in our life’s, which includes both the negative and positive. It’s like an electrical force that can be used to light a house or to draw something evil toward us. We must learn the feat of humbleness. There is no purpose in being garish. And by all means I am not suggesting that you let anyone take you for granted either.

Personally I find that all of my challenges as brutal as some of them have been have lead me down a better road in the long run. Life sometimes just has a lot of twists and turns when you ignore all the red flags that are being laid before you as a result of the choices that you have made. There are actually no wrong choices that anyone can make. It’s just that some choices lead you down toward much less turbulent paths toward a quicker recovery delivering you on more of a so called solid foundation.

 I personally choose to walk my path with my third eye wide open because I got tired of constantly putting fires out all around me. This means that do not try to change the people around me. I just walk away from people that do not have good intentions, and are always throwing negative wild hideously infectious debris. Sometimes there comes a time in your life when you just get tired of being everyone’s fairy god mother/father if theirs is not any growth for earthly spirts involved, or those that are surround by the circumstances involved. I learned in life that I sometimes have to walk away and let these people fall down and fend for themselves.

It is known in the psychic community that karmic fall back is much more intense for those who know better and still make selfish choices that cause harm to others. But this Michigan psychic has seen very dark souls who are living in earthly bodies that have had unbelievably painful lessons fall upon them because they refused to raise up and right the wrongs that they have done on the innocent. Just remember when someone hurts you that the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to seize the valuable lesson in it for your own spiritual growth.  And when someone you care about, who you thought cared about you just verbally assaults you it’s usually never about you anyway. Walk away and let the sunshine it.

Kabbalah Teaches About Bread Of Shame

by Sherrie Ellen on 10/23/15

My spirit guides are always looking out for me. They give me warnings through mediumship, psychic imagery as well and from other gifted friends that surround me. And since I am human I do not always listen. I love helping people to grow and be successful even though I worked hard to get where I am. Someone recently asked me why do I always want to carry people on my back? Many people who I helped and have started to help end up being very selfish and greedy. I give people chances. I want these people to stay humble through the process. But most of the time they show their true colors right from the beginning of the process.

My guides give me warnings not to take these people on and help them. But I have this Pollyanna part of my soul that wants to help them to succeed by lessoning their struggles. I am very good and what I do. I give them a chance to come under my wings. But it’s called bread of shame in Kabbalah when people are given something that they have not earned. That is why they blow my offers to smithereens by either stealing or asking me to financially support there opportunities instead of taking the steps to prove and earn what I am offering them.

What I see is they want what someone else has. Their visions are small. They would rather take what’s not theirs instead of earning greatness on their own. They feel that the world owes them a living. Many of these people just look at what others have and want to be feed crumbs because they are too lazy to do the work and to near sighted to go through the process of learning from those who have took the time to Master the universe around them though their own grueling work and education. When they try to emulate, and have a small success trying to model what I have done they lose it because they are not be and try to cheat the steps.

As many people have found through wrongful choices of their own, as well as battles to recover from a slighted economy that success which includes financial abundance can be fleeting if you do not stay on top of your own game by doing the right thing. I am also diligently refereeing to honesty as well as hard work. Many relationships and families have been busted up over such circumstances.

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Our Oakland County Psychic Fair | Michigan Tarot Card Reader

by Sherrie Ellen on 08/20/15

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen wants everyone who is interested in a special day with private table readings with The Traveling Psychics best tarot card readers to contact her. We want to put on some special Michigan Psychic Fairs that will allow our public audience to have psychic readings, tarot card readings, palm readings, mediumship readings, astrology readings and much more that can be offered at a very special price. If Sherrie Ellen gets enough requests to book her extremely talented symphony of sages then she would be honored to put the time in to pull this mini extravaganza together. Sherrie Ellen has been scouting for new talent. And she has come across some remarkably talented psychic medium’s that would totally take your breath away. Our fortune tellers will make even the worst skeptic a believer.

The Traveling Psychics has a lot of readers calling them right off the internet asking for work. Some readers who try being Sherrie Ellen’s friend trying to bribe her with guilt are trying to work with her group. A few of these people want her to make them big stars like John Edwards. We are a service industry. We serve the God, the public and are total beacons of light. Sherrie Ellen is not afraid to say no. She uses the word no frequently to set up boundaries and keep her life and public arena clear of negativity.

The bottom line is that Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen has found some of the most talented men and woman that I am proud to present each as a medium to those who are seeking to contact their loved ones that traveled to the other side.  You will rarely see Sherrie Ellen or one of her a psychic or medium that works for The Traveling Psychics at a Michigan psychic fair because we are just too busy and in high demand to put our business on hold to do such things. Sherrie Ellen has tried doing fairs before where a lot of fortune tellers congregate. But she found that there was a lot of negative vibrations coming from the other readers who were more interested in competing to see how much money they can make instead of focusing on the high quality of services which is our main focus of attraction in the first place. We are here to serve and help those who are in need.

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