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Repairing, Clearing and Detoxing our Souls

by Sherrie Ellen on 11/13/17

When we sleep our soul leaves our body, and reunites with the greater whole, referring to the source, to recharge our souls. We are all sparks of the source which we call G-d. God is usually referred to as he. Our individual sparks which is our higher self, and also our spark of the soul is referred to as she.

But there is another aspect of God that enters the head of our bed as we lay ourselves down to sleep. This aspect of God works on triggering sparks within our brains so we can reconnect spiritually to the higher source. These flash triggers try to help us evolve by connecting us with a long forgotten higher knowledge of what we need to know in the here and now so we can progress further in our path on this earth plane.

This female aspect of God also known as Shechina who is also referred to as a she usually has to work with us through out many reincarnations to get this job done. She delves deep into our darkness, and muck to help us ignite the sparks to bring in these corrections.

Shechina also plays a big part in helping us see the larger picture. She helps us by delving down into the muck with us to try to help us cleanse off our spiritual lenses. Shechina draws the light from the supreme source above, that delivers the upper lights. As above, so below.

Through the feminine aspect of the divine God, and our souls that are sparks of the Shechinah, place themselves in voluntary captivity so they can do the job from inside. We are here to heal the world.  

Only when those come together to create cleansing, and healing changes for our planet because their destinies are tied together, then these earthly souls can work together to repair the fractures within each other’s souls caused by the acts of our egos. This is the process of karma.

Master Sherrie Ellen has been a student studying the Zohar at the Kabbalah Center located in California for many years. If you wish to be a student please contact Master Oakland County, Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen. She would love to introduce you to her teacher who periodically makes trips to teach in person in the metro Detroit area. 

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